Humble Beginnings

Oct 8, 2012
Sometimes we are a bit more
broken up about things than we realise.
Sometimes we need more help
than we know to ask for.
Look around,
there's someone waiting to help.
Someone who is willing.

July 24, 2012
It's still hard to keep going...
and going and going...
with the hope...that it'll all work itself out...

Feb 21
Sometimes the hardest thing to do....
is keep going.

Jan 1, 2012
Here we go again...
and I'm ready for anything
Hope for the best,
Expect the worst.
Make the best of each moment
that you live and keep moving
forward with your existance.
Understand that you are making
a decision...even when you're deciding to not decide.

Like swimming...if you move accordingly,
you can move far and fast.
Once you decide to stop you moving
you have decided to sink.

Dec 20
With all that is going on...I feel blessed.
Taking everything with a great caution,
never making a move without a purpose...
we move forward with Great Optimism
on the Propertity and Abundance the
New Year will bring.
Merry Christmas everyone...and
Thank you for the wonderful Support...

Dec 12
With changes come unexpected
opportunities...we have to learn
to take that leap of faith
and accept what might come
of living in the present...
could be a lot better than
what you were planning on.

Dec 4
It's hard to take that
leap of faith sometimes...and just
grab a hold of something and soar...
with the faith that you will soar.
Full speed ahead.

Nov 24
Giving Thanks
for things big and small...

Nov 9
Up and atom.
Gotta keep it moving...
We tend to forget that at times...
when we don't do anything, we are still doing
something.  Even when it's a detriment to us.
Think in terms of swimming...if you swim, you move...
if you don't move, you sink!
Good morning All!!!

Oct 29
We, at times, are more
effected by things than we realise.
It's a hard thing to keep
things moving,
with high hopes
and blind faith all the time.
But here we are.

Oct 13
Sometimes it's hard to
know when you are going
in the right direction.
Even when it feels right,
the signs are all there,
something will always make you
doubt yourself.
The difference is perseverance...
Will you be strong enough to keep
going, to follow your instinct and know
that your way is right.
Or will you falter to waste side...
and quit like everyone else?

Oct 6
Organize, organize
and remember that...
the menu is not the meal.
We can plan all we want,
but at some point, we need to do.
Time to do.

Sept 26
Finished my letterpress drawer...
it's stained, hooked...
and's come to life.
Again.  Thank you K.P.
for the great craftsmanship
and the lesson in woodworking.
It takes time, but it's worth it.

Sept 20
The work on the drawer has
been a lot more than I first realized.
But that's the Labor of Love...right?
Pictures are forthcoming...

September 9
First Friday last week @ The ART Murmur
was a lot of fun.  It was also very productive. 
It was short but was very sweet.
Lots of new stuff to get into...
a lot of new projects to start on.
Its gonna be fun but also a lot of work...
Ready or Not!!!

August 23
The Laurel Street Fair was fun...
and encouraging...we are on our way
to Oakland Pride,
Sept 4th, 19th St & Telegraph Ave.
Thank you for all the support!

August 10
We are finally going to be at a "real"
Arts & Crafts fair, you know the kind you pay for.
We are looking so forward to it.
It's still a nerve racking thought.
Being out there, waiting for people to look....but I will stay positive.
We have to.

July 21
The comradery at these events are
just pure.  It's great seeing
what others are doing.
Inspire and Be Inspired.

July 11
It was great hanging out
last Thursday...starting to think we
are a part of some kind of movement.
We met a couple of Ladies that were
at the Bayanihan Event last year...
the first show we did....
it's some kind of movement.
It feels positive and the
camaraderie is there...looking forward to more.

July 3
I love the Pop-Up shop,
underground shops that we do,
but I also look forward to doing
a full blown Arts & Crafts fair someday.
But for now I do enjoy the
Arts & Bar scene.

June 25
The doves look great....
stuffed...they should do nicely
come the holidays...
I'm thinking of making them charms
as well as ornaments...we'll see...

June 22
Still getting my stuffs together...
it's a lot of stuff...and trying to create
a work area for myself...a little
overwhelmed...but just a little
here and a little there, it should be
done in no time.
We have another event on
July 1st, so that's gonna take some time too.

June 16
Onward we go...
Trying to get my stuff together
and get ready to start
on dresses...this should be
very interesting...

June 15
Done with the loser script...
ready for a much more positive tomorrow.
It's too easy to allow others to affect
our state of mind...and sometimes
we're too fragile for that.

June 12
I really wish I could attend a big this rate, things are so tight,
I would need a guarantee that I could
make my money back and then some...right.
We'll see...

June 9
Starting something is great...
keeping it going is the struggle...
and finishing it is so rewarding
that we start something else.
Even though I may not
be rendering the sales that I want,
I do get really good feed back.
That counts too!

May 29
We are ready to move forward.
So ready for a change...stuffs not
moving like I'd like it to.
But it is well received...I suppose it's
only a matter of time.  Right.
There's talks of an event in two weeks.
WE are ready!!!

May 26
Some how, some way
we just gotta do it.
If not for nothing else,
"they" are watching your every move.
"They " are taking notes and
are ready to follow in
your foot steps.
The children are watching.
Or have we forgotten about them.

May 23
So at the end of the day...
after working, making dinner, finding
time to craft...we have to
figure out a way to sell it too...
it's not gonna matter how
great it is, if no one
sees it or hears it or feels it...
 You'll know it's great,
but you already know that.
Time to let other people know it too.

May 19
It really is a frightening thought...
if I wasn't lucky enough to have my
day job, could I sew for a living?
I would like to think I could...but
that's probably more conceit than fact. 
Could I sew to save my life?

As I try to organize myself, get my
creativity in order...
I remember of the good things in my life...
for that I am thankful.

May 9
A pair of earrings and a long seed bead
necklace with fabric owl...
Let's work.

May 7
So I was trying to write this morning
and I saved my draft,
as I was not finished.
Then when I returned,
four months of
F R U S T R A T I O N S!
Goes without saying
I suppose.

Dec 4
Wow.  This is going to be a lot of work. 
But it will be worth the ride.  I enjoyed the fair and will be doing
it again very soon.  It's an experience I welcome and I know
can only make me stronger.
On to the next one...

Nov 16
Ready now, more than ever, to flex some muscles and sweat buckets.

Nov 15
It's humbling to know that your actions can inspire others.

Nov 14
Where does the time go?  When I wasn't doing anything, time went by fast. 
Now that I am trying to be productive, there's even less time...WTF?
But the big difference is that I am doing something with my time. 

Nov 13
Life is filled with detours.  Change and change again.  And that's okay. 
 I think that comfortability with change is what makes the difference.

Nov 12
Working together is key.  I'm lucky to have a friend who believes in my ideas and my creativity. 
Who shares my enthusiasm and work ethic.  Thank you Jen.

Nov 11
With a fair in 3 weeks, not only is money tight, but so is time.  What that means is now, more than ever, everything counts.  The goal at hand is to do more with less.