Friday, December 3, 2010


We have arrived-ded.  Doesn't make sense, but if you said it with a Filipino accent it does (at least it does to me)...and we are here.  Last night was rough, but a lot of fun. 
Much respect to those who sell their art for a living.  That's hard work.  Definitely Love of Labor.  Not for the thin-skinned.  And I am very much humbled by the whole process.  It takes a lot to get started and it takes a lot to keep it going. 
It was great to be back in the old neighborhood too.  Funny how everything comes back full circle.  I can't say I missed the smell, but the people are something else.
I have some pics of the Soma event under Tiannge.  Thank you for the support and love and to everyone that was able to come thank you again.  And if we didn't see you last night, may be the next fair...Sunday, Dec 19th...1pm to 8pm...Madrone Art Bar 500 Divisadero St , San Francisco

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