Monday, July 18, 2011

Walmart VS Sariwa Co

So did the usual weekend groceries shopping.  Went to Costco and then finally Walmart for the small stuffs.  Since I finished a little early, I decide to peruse the fabric sections for a little inspiration.
They had the cutest fabrics on I had a stack of 6 fabrics...all @ $1.50 a yard....super excited!
Me and my mother in-law wait around, ring the bell, wait around.  No help.
Finally a young girl came by and told us the person who works in Fabrics wasn't there yet, so basically, no one could help us.
Disappointed I couldn't get any fabric for the sweet deal of $1.50 per yard...I reverted to my go to bin...the remnants bin....I love you Remnants bin...Needless to say the remnants bin came thru...but will Sariwa Co?

Part 2 of this saga will be posted tonight.
Just remember, Worthy Foes can come from anywhere!!!

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