Friday, November 9, 2012

Thought for the day

Does anyone else feel that we may be moving towards a matriarchal society?
Think about it...
When an older woman is with a younger man, she's a cougar.  More power to her!
If an older man is with a younger woman...well, that's just disgusting! 

When a woman has a high power executive position, she rocks!
Whenn a man has a high power executive position...oh, well we know what that's about!

So many men on tv are portrayed as:  Dummy dad, idiot dad, dad doesn't know anything logical.
Whether it be commercials, shows, movies, etc.  You name it.  Men are being demasculanized left and right.

Boys and girls are just about equal in numbers in college attendance, yet we are still encourage girls to go to college.  Why not just encourage everyone to go to college?

Men seem to be more...ostentatious in their "passion for fashion" and making sure they look good.  We just kinda glaze over the "metrosexual" term now, that's passe...or is it status quo?

Just a thought!

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