Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As we live our lives, we move about in the world as if we are the only ones in it.  Until you find yourself on a road you've never been on before.  Where nothing is familiar and everything seems shifty. 
If you are lucky enough, someone will stop and help you out along the way.  Show you the best way to get around, the safer way to go.  We are reminded that we are not alone in this world. That there are other people out there, some willing to help, others would rather turn away.  And both are ok.  It's okay to not help out others, as long as your aware that no one may be there for you when you need it.
I like Karma.  Someone helps us me today, so that I may help someone someday.
On the road to creativity, ask for directions.  Someone has been there before and they are willing to help.

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