Monday, November 8, 2010


Fixing the wheel, while the engine is running...
That's the City life for you.  But something's gotta give and I guess it's me.  Things need to get done and I need to do them.  There are things things that I would like to do that also should get done.  But who has the energy right?  Who has the time?  Who has the spirit?  Anyone? 
Me's hard, but the art is just as important as the things that need to get done...the laundry, the bills, the cleaning of the bathrooms, the list go on.  And on and on...but that's the same for everyone, right?
It's all important...but who has the time?  Labor of love I suppose, you make time even when there couldn't possibly be any time.
Here's to the crafty in us all.  The ladie's who knit on the bus and the the trains, the ladies and gents all over who do what they do and inspire us at the fairs and markets. 
I wanna do it do it, and if they can make the time, I can too, right?
Guess we'll see.
Taking on the task of 10 bags in 5 weeks and possibly a few more pieces of items in the same time period.
Challenge accepted.

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  1. Yes, you sure can make it Rowella! Keep the momentum, inspiration, motivation and most especially the love in you. Don't ever give up! Keep it moving forward always. :)