Friday, November 19, 2010


The hard thing about doing something is believing in the process.  Knowing that as you are doing something inane or mundane that it is all part of a bigger goal, the larger picture.  One must stay motivated to keep going.  One has to stay focused and not stray into the daily hustle of life.  Because we all know that the daily routines of life is what keeps us down.  It's what makes us think that we can't possibly do anymore today than we already have.  But we can and we should.  Because that is the only we will ever get any further than where we are now.
Instead of looking at the daily routines as a hinderance, we should look at it as part of the process, because it is.  Just as we have to do the laundry, we also have to better ourselves if we want more out of this life.  We have to stay motivated and believe that we are doing something for ourselves.  Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  Most things that come easy are hardly of substance.

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  1. always strive to work hard to get what we want and where we want to be. keep the motivation going..... :)